Alwasel Equipments | Services
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What we do

Alwasel is happy to provide a FREE site visit*, design and quote, to deliver and install projects of any size or complexity

Alwasel Equipments LLC aim to make your experience a pleasure, with a friendly and informative attitude;

We exceed customers’ expectations by providing low cost, easy assembly shelving and racking systems for all your storage needs to be combined with a friendly service and guaranteed quality.

Design & Installation

Investing in industrial shelving, retail shelving or warehouse pallet racking is often a carefully considered decision due to the nature of the capital investment.
Alwasel will always endeavor to fully understand our customers’ requirements.

Custom Size Racking & Shelving

Alwasel has the ability to custom make shelving or new fixtures to the client’s specification.

Alwasel has the ability to design and manufacture efficiently, comprehending clients’ requirements and implementing solutions for their needs.


Business needs always change – and if you find that you need to relocate your storage, shelving or racking, either around your existing premises or to new premises, our installation teams can help you.


Our experts help you configure your space for maximum operational efficiency and adaptability. We can design your entire warehouse project or help you fine-tune an existing plan.


At Alwasel we support in assembling the system. We are just better than others at assembling things like storage shelves. Expertise comes with patience & practice and you can assemble like a pro.


Al Wasel Equipment since it’s establishment has always been focusing mainly on qualitative products.
To ensure a happy and ever growing clientele base, new and innovative methods implemented in providing quality & warranty on day to day basis