Alwasel Equipments | About Us
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About Us


ALWASEL EQUIPMENTS LLC established in 1999 based in Dubai. Our customers to maximize the available warehouse space using our commercial experience and our extensive range of high-density storage solutions, such as; Industrial Shelving & Racking system, Plastic bins, Drawer units, Filing cabinets, Clothes lockers.

This is who we are and what we do

Alwasel is happy to provide a FREE site visit*, design and quote, to deliver and install projects of any size or complexity

Alwasel Equipments LLC aim to make your experience a pleasure, with a friendly and informative attitude;

We exceed customers’ expectations by providing low cost, easy assembly shelving and racking systems for all your storage needs to be combined with a friendly service and guaranteed quality.

Tyre Racking Systems0%
Multi Tiers Racking Systems0%
Custom Size Racking & Shelving0%

Our experts help you configure your space for maximum operational efficiency and adaptability. We can design your entire warehouse project or help you fine-tune an existing plan.


At Alwasel we support in assembling the system. We are just better than others at assembling things like storage shelves. Expertise comes with patience & practice and you can assemble like a pro.


Al Wasel Equipment since it’s establishment has always been focusing mainly on qualitative products.
To ensure a happy and ever growing clientele base, new and innovative methods implemented in providing quality & warranty on day to day basis